Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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Check-in [147d87c1e1]

Date: 2016-12-23 21:39:14
User: Oliver
Comment:Temporary workaround for file browser plugin to avoid reloading.
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[60ee1e2e12] Moved backslash conversion and .load() override back into file browser plugin. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[147d87c1e1] Temporary workaround for file browser plugin to avoid reloading. (user: Oliver, tags: trunk)
[de4013065e] Unified the definitions for Make-Shortcut in @tasks. Moved the Python 2.7.13 GUID to $Python GUID, since it is used in regkey and Check-Pythoninstall. For the uninstall dismissed the batch variable %UsrFolder%, since it was used only once and can be derived from %installFolder%. This had also to be corrected in the uninstall script generation in install_python_gtk.ps1. In Resetprefs.cmd I changed the text to reflect that also the downloaded Gtk themes would be deleted. In uninstall.cmd I changed the rd command for the themes folder to use the correct rd syntax. (user: Oliver, tags: trunk)

Modified from [83bfadb12a] to [41e5406dc6].    [diff]