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Streamtuner2 used to run under Windows. Current versions should still, but aren't tested anymore. (There are enough alternatives there, no significant userbase.)

It requires a working Python installation first. That includes Python with Gtk bindings, the requests and pyquery packages. (There are probably modern Python distributions for Windows. No idea. It's definitely not something that should be handled on a per-application basis and with PyInstaller embellishments.)

  • The available .exe installer is really just a self-extracting ZIP. It'll unpack to Unix-style paths C:/usr/bin/ and C:/usr/share/streamtuner2.
    (The exe is actually more suitable now as raw zip/tarball, that just happens to have a wine GUI.)

  • With the new .pyz package it's even easier to use however. So that's now the recommended approach. Simply start it with:

    python streamtuner2.pyz

    Or rename it to have a .pyzw extension, in case your setup already picks that up.

  • A simpler alternative might be using the 0install package for streamtuner2.

In either case, you'll have to create a desktop shortcut yourself.