Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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Removed custom pls conversion code, now uses action. playlist conversion tools. check-in: c683b52003 user: mario tags: trunk
Move concrete row(), rowno(), selected(), model_iter() and play(), record() implementations from main into channels.GenericModule. check-in: 65a0b18268 user: mario tags: trunk
Update comment on rewritten action module. Add alternative MIME types for m3u and asx, spport asf detection and extraction. Fix listformat→source arg. Move save() and filename handling out of save_playlist. Fix mediafmt_t lookup and print warning when there's an audio-response on playlist fetching (and it does happen). Change myoggradio plugin "format" population, and set listformat to "mixed(..)" for automatic probing. check-in: 223368ebbf user: mario tags: action-mapfmts
02:51 Changes to wiki page Playlist format support artifact: 4cd91ba39c user: mario
02:43 Changes to wiki page Playlist format support artifact: 11892aff30 user: mario
Fixed ASX and SMIL playlist exporting, allowed new placeholders %xspf, %jspf, %asx, %smil for application configuration. Documented in help/ pages. check-in: 1937c5766b user: mario tags: action-mapfmts
Python3 doesn't like `if [x = ...]` inline assignment trickery (kwargs out of scope). check-in: 82cf514e49 user: mario tags: action-mapfmts
Figured out how to use standard confirm-overwrite dialog (buttons were defined, but no actions associated). Removed custom msg box. check-in: 5539fcccc2 user: mario tags: action-mapfmts
Update notes on python-requests >= 2.0.0 required now (streams=True). And fix reference to `icon.png` now. check-in: 45c45d5755 user: mario tags: trunk
Still some parameter renaming in action module to do. Optional support for row={} parameter in play/record calls, in case .pls/.m3u needs to be constructed (to retain title=). Adapt action playlist exporting to wrapper object, which preconverts plain URL lists or [rows] list, can itself call convert_playlist(), and optionalized file writing. Rewrite main save() and to utilize new save_playlist(). Implement overwrite confirmation for Save-as dialog. check-in: b784d408c1 user: mario tags: action-mapfmts
10:55 Edit [d4c3eccf15]: Edit check-in comment. artifact: a2f2331842 user: mario
Use ordered list for playlist content probing. Fix listfmt() mime to abbr conversion. Allow non-http URLs for raw() extraction. check-in: babd818a96 user: mario tags: action-mapfmts
Consolidate listformat types to just "pls", "m3u" and "srv". Probe for direct ICY server contact in action.playlist_convert(), unify extraction methods. check-in: 85313637a3 user: mario tags: action-mapfmts
Remove extraneous class wrapper action.action. Start to regroup listformat mapping (pls-url → m3u-fn rewrites). Will need some heuristics, as depending just on the channel.listformat assumption won't work in practice (some .pls servers actually host direct server links, or occasionally .m3u references even). Currently does nothing, just returns the pls/etc URL. check-in: ea628d6426 user: mario tags: trunk
Create new branch named "action-mapfmts" check-in: 320e271864 user: mario tags: action-mapfmts
00:38 Changes to wiki page Playlist format support artifact: 9bef3c8756 user: mario
23:17 Changes to wiki page Playlist format support artifact: e4a44e5b6b user: mario
23:15 Changes to wiki page Playlist format support artifact: 79de48d878 user: mario
22:53 Changes to wiki page Playlist format support artifact: 401ae60a6e user: mario
22:51 Changes to wiki page Playlist format support artifact: f9b524c97a user: mario
22:36 Added wiki page Playlist format support artifact: 247a3f19b9 user: mario
Added some notes about "Export all" plugin. List streams#actions as topic in check-in: 97bb4bbfe9 user: mario tags: trunk
19:53 Add attachment streamactions.png to wiki page radiotray artifact: c8f4cb367c user: mario
Note: UI: restructure extensions and context menu technote: [19aabaf92a] user: mario
Split up Extensions› submenus. Register major plugins (timer, myoggradio, radiotray) as direct menu entries, but complex extensions (exportcat) as subentry still. check-in: a872fb7d36 user: mario tags: trunk
Fix main. references from bookmarks callback. check-in: 5a772b3c64 user: mario tags: trunk
Got rid of switchy() expression, use plain `cond and val or ...` chain. check-in: 30dd0c5b1f user: mario tags: trunk
06:04 Edit [e8c162f72a]: Edit check-in comment. artifact: 631766b9a9 user: mario
06:00 Fixed ticket [b9deab8292]: Couple small requests plus 5 other changes artifact: de905864af user: mario
Temporary export mechanism (saves whole category into .pls file). check-in: 8b7b270591 user: mario tags: trunk
Less indentation, starting to overhaul at least. (Whole `action` module is overdue.) check-in: 7726e18571 user: mario tags: trunk
Fix a few CLI bugs (doesn't work yet with dynamic module list), stub_parent() implementations for non-GUI mode should be merged. check-in: a7c3f7336a user: mario tags: trunk
Move argv initialization to conf.apply_args(). Document config: format for argparse conversion. Enable file=sys.stderr for __print__/debug messages. check-in: 1eea3140f8 user: mario tags: trunk
19:06 Edit [24a5fe69a1]: Edit check-in comment. artifact: 925d8eb044 user: mario
Add workaround for ArgumentParser, which tries to map config: descriptors onto AP.add_argument(*yikes) params. check-in: 24a5fe69a1 user: mario tags: trunk
Add UserAgentSwitcher plugin. (Just for experimenting really, not required.) check-in: e8c162f72a user: mario tags: trunk
Note: Beta release 2.1.5 technote: [62a5f7ed79] user: mario
22:27 Delete attachment "st2-radiotray.png" from wiki page write a plugin artifact: d2779ada41 user: mario
22:25 Changes to wiki page write a plugin artifact: bf08d81a73 user: mario
22:22 Added wiki page debugging artifact: 4d0ee6aca3 user: mario
22:22 Added wiki page debugging artifact: 552390765c user: mario
22:22 Changes to wiki page debugging artifact: e60b5a13ba user: mario
22:17 Added wiki page windows artifact: 240ba22058 user: mario
22:17 Changes to wiki page windows artifact: aeb853e95b user: mario
22:17 Changes to wiki page windows artifact: f07aa69dff user: mario
Fix manual Makefile `install` rules. Update -D debug notes in README. Release as 2.1.5 (beta). check-in: b6b64a45f6 user: mario tags: trunk, 2.1.5
Provide a `-D` debugging flag and a `-d shoutcast` option to disable plugins prior startup. check-in: 08b1306823 user: mario tags: trunk
Recategorized some dbg.ERR messages, but make them displayed now regardless of conf.debug setting. check-in: 2b63a42675 user: mario tags: trunk
Make Youtube channel also default. check-in: 333ed92349 user: mario tags: trunk
Switch .meta.title attribute after UI initialization. check-in: 86cac0312e user: mario tags: trunk
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